Snackz Review!

We do a love snacks! Thats what we want to establish to our lovely audience here. Here on this post we want to do a quick review on snacks that we’re eating on a daily basis. It will be quite healthy-ish because we’re not healthy 🙂 and trying to be, so we hope this can inspire you healthy wannabes!

1. All Kinds of Oatmeal
we do love oats! most people eat it for breakfast, but we kinda snack on them also. Other that it can be tasty (if you make it right!) it is really easy and practical to prepare.

2. Yogurtsssss

Who doesn’t love yogurts? Well a lot of you did lol. But we love them! Our personal favorite is the one shown above. Chobani simply 100. We love their extra “crunch” lol.



Well this is our most favorite healthy snack bar! There’s some flavor that is yuck in our opinion, but most of them are really delicious! Really practical and easy to carry as well. We usually snack this 4 hours before we have our big luch/dinner to curb our carbo intake. We thought it was gimmicky until we prove it ourselves. We heard because its low glicemic index features it can also help you to prevent diabetes. We got the source from here “cara mengatasi diabetes

Well thats it for now, we’re hoping to see you soon with another posts, but ’til then, happy snacking!






Hey y’all!

This post is just an introduction for the upcoming food blogs that I want to start. The name is inspired from a nostalgic restaurant I used to go. On this blog I would like to post anything related to food.

To start, these are the categories that I would love to post on this blog:

  1. Restaurant Review
  2. Food Tasting
  3. Snack Review
  4. Recommendations


In the future, would love to try doing those things on screen. As in becoming a video blogger like this girl: